Dear Neighbor,


Thank you for visiting my community blog. This site is for all events and information related to Markham. I want to ensure that Markham remains a clean, safe, friendly, affordable and a united municipality by becoming an active leader in the community. The Markham that I grew up in has its faults and unique merits. My dream is to ensure that this community where I wish to have my children, my nieces and nephews grow up to be a better Markham than the one I grew up in and a place where our future generations have access to resources that will ensure their bright future. Upon this basis of building a modern, yet bold foundation out of this beautiful community, I am proposing my vision of leading our Markham into a new era. I hope you will stand with me and support this vision of a 5 tiered community where the residents feel safe, live in a clean and friendly environment, that is affordable and united as a strong municipality. These goals will help our community grasp a new and bold future. I aim to unite Markham’s diverse talents, communities, across age gaps. I am very much interested in what local issues concern you. Let us break barriers and unite to make Markham better.

Yours sincerely,
Abdul Rahman Malik


5 Tiers

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Youth Mentorship Program

Situation: In today’s world youth are susceptible to many bad habits that can lead them on the  wrong path. Youth have come to commonly suffer from depression, anger, anxiety which can result into suicide or violent tendencies resulting in imprisonment, death or...


Markham Votes October 22, 2018 Make sure you are registered to vote at Early Polls Friday October 12th – Friday October 19th Weekdays 10 AM to 8 PM Weekends 9 AM to 5 PM Internet Voting Friday October 12th to Monday October 22nd Weekdays and Weekends 9 AM to 8 PM   I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!